Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween Nail Art Challenge: Slime!

I am sorry I am late with this post... I have been under a lot of stress and almost sleepless nights because I had a lab practicum today and I was really studying my heart off. Test is over, so here is my take on slime nails. I started with a base coat and then with some green and white paint I got a minty color which I used to make drippings with. I topped the slime with NYC's Starry Silver Glitter.
I hope you had a spooky Halloween! I am glad this challenge is over and I did it :) Thank you girls for sharing your manis and coming to my page to see mine!<3 i="i">

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  1. Ha is it bad this makes me want ice cream. . Lol. . Cute though

    1. Of course not! Ice cream cravings are never bad :D Thank you!

  2. Nice color! And I like your design too. :D


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