Friday, November 9, 2012

My Prize from Jordana Cosmetics

I posted a couple of weeks ago my submission to Jordana Cosmetics Halloween Nail Art Contest on Facebook. Here is the link to my submission :) I came out as one of the 10 runner ups and they kindly sent me a prize. Here are pictures of what I got!

Picture overload ahead!
Funky Gold Town, Red Flash, Gemstones, Lunar Lights, Fairy Dust, Magenta Magic
Boy Oh Boy, Holiday Red, Tender Coral, Pink Romance, Sweet Rose, Yellow Dazzle
Black, White Pearl, Silver Glitter, Island Fuchsia, Pink Lemonade, Hawaiian Flower
Cabaret, Hypnotizing, Ruby Slippers, Soft Pink, Orangesicle, Good Luck Charm
Quick Shine Topcoat, Rhinestones, Smooth Blue, Silky Purple, White
The Artist, Contemporary White, Black Mark
I am in love with all my polishes! I have almost doubled the amount of polishes I own but I am so happy!!!

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  1. Congrats and what a great prize!!

  2. Wow! Well done! Enjoy your prize :-)

  3. Congrats and wow that is some awesome prizes !!!

  4. nice! :) cant wait to see them on

  5. Congrats hun!! love the collection.

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