Thursday, October 4, 2012

Week 40: Animal Print Manicure

If there is something I love for nails is animal print. I had not tried the snakeskin print on plate BM215 so I decided to create a colorful background with some Insta-Dris (Lightening, Blue Bye!, Rapid Red, Presto Pink, Lickety-Split Lime) and added the stamp.

I did the same thin on my right hand but then I decided to use the zebra print instead of snakeskin. I really loved this version :) Sorry about the last 2 pictures, they are not the best!
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  1. These look extra fun with the colourful backgrounds!

  2. I love this colorful manicure!

  3. love what you did with the background, very pretty manicures. I think my favorite is the zebra print. :)

    1. :) Thanks Lydia, I love the zebra one as well! I wish the snakeskin pattern was smaller, it would have looked better!


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