Monday, October 24, 2011

Pink for a Cause

Hello :)
I know this is not exactly a pink ribbon for BCAM. However, it is pink and it has a purpose. I must clarify that this is not originally my design. I got this idea from JaeMarie2008 on YouTube, click here to see her tutorial. I hope you are having a pink October, and remember, it is not only about the color, it is more about being aware of something that we might be vulnerable to.
My post on Breast Cancer: Warriors in Pink
Yo sé que éste no es exactamente un moñito rosado por el mes de conciencia acerca del cáncer de seno. Sin embargo, es rosado con cierto propósito. Debo aclarar que éste diseño no es mío originalmente. Tomé la idea de JaeMarie2008 en YouTube, haz click aquí para ver su tutorial. Espero estén teniendo un octubre muy rosado, y lo más importante, no se trata únicamente del color, sino que es para crear conciencia  y educarnos sobre algo ante lo que todas somos vulnerable.
Mi entrada acerca del cáncer de mama: Guerreras en Rosado

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  1. This is beautiful!!! You did a wonderful job at recreating this but also making it your own way!! I love it!! Thanks so much for mentioning my name, I greatly appreciate it! xoxo

  2. I love this!The design is so pretty.

  3. @JaeMarie2008: Thank you so much for visiting and not minding the fact that I mainly used your idea. I HAD to mention you because I would not have been able to come up with something like this!

    @Carolina: Thank you, the design comes from JaeMarie2008, I did put a little spin on it, but I greatly appreciate your visit and comment!



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