Friday, September 14, 2012

Week 37: "We Remember" Manicure

I know that 9/11 is a very tragic memory for many in the US and around the world. I did not want to do a manicure portraying what happened because there is no way I could have honored the innocent victims of such date with my nails. I am sorry, that's why I am posting this.
I remember that in 2001, I did not like red polish. In fact, I hated nail polish because my application and finish was too messy. Yeah, I was really young and careless about my nails. So today I have an improved picture of the manicure I wish I could have 11 years ago.
I used Sation Class Flirt with plate B65 using Konad White and acrylic paint for the dots.
Ésta manicura no tiene mucho que ver con los incidentes del 9/11, siento que unas uñas no logran honorar a las víctimas de esos atentados de ninguna manera. Siento mucho tomarlo de ésta manera, pero es la forma en la que pienso.
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  1. So pretty!!!!!!! I am so bad at stamping!!! I haven't tried in a while so maybe I should give it a go again. These look so great!!
    I want to get back into the nail challenge again, when I was unable to blog for those few months I missed it the most, but also let me nails go lol. But now there strong and healthy again so I think Im going to start it again soon :))

    p.s I totally agree with you about not doing a 9/11 manicure, I would have felt the same way.


    1. Thank you Kelly :)
      You should definitely try again! It may be the polish, using an old card as a scraper works nicely.
      Come back to the nail challenge! It's never too late, that's how I keep myself from abandoning my nails :D Thank you for stopping by!


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