Friday, August 31, 2012

Week 33: Galaxy Manicure

Hello :)
My intention on doing a galaxy manicure turned out to become glitter bombs... My inspiration was the nebula nail that Sammy from had in her Show Off post. I think mine are a fail, LOL, but I tried. So here are my galaxy bombs, I mean, nails.
Mi intensión de una manicura galáctica se convirtió en unas bombas de brillantina... Mi inspiracioón viene de una uña que Sammy de tiene en su entrada llamada Show Off. Mi intento fue fallido, pero lo intenté. Aquí están mis bombas galácticas...
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  1. These don't look like fail at all. Love the colours and the glitter you used xx

    1. Thank you Lou <3 I am happy someone found them more appealing!

  2. love the glitter! :) not a fail! :) i think is pretty!


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