Monday, April 23, 2012

Before my nails broke (#3)

Hi ladies!
Today it is the last mani I have to show you of the manicures I did before going back to nubbins. At this point, my nails had just been filed down and my cuticles as well as the lateral folds of my nails were in bad shape. I do not know if you watch manicure tutorials on YouTube, but I personally follow many nail gurus and one of my favorite ones is Tartofraises1. I watched THIS TUTORIAL she posted and I gave it a try. I hope you guys find the similarities and thank you for stopping by <3
Before my nails broke #1 and #2
What did I use?
-Sinful Colors Easy Going
-Kiss White and Silver Glitter Nail Art
-Santee Flower Pink Pin It


  1. Wow, that is really pretty!!

  2. This is gorgeous! I've never seen a manicure like it!

    1. Thanks Laura, I hadn't either until I watched the tutorial I linked in the post :D

  3. We will have nubbins together! Had a massive break down to the meat-so I will be cutting them all off later today! Pretty mani! Do you know you have the word verification on? My poor tired eyes can't see the letters!!!

    1. Oh no! My nubbins are getting better, that's why I haven't posted often. I had terrible dryness and my nails just couldn't take it :( Good thing is that nails grow back :D I am sure I don't have word verification... I must check that, if I do I will fix it and I apologize, I don't want you to end up blind bc of me <3


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