Thursday, August 1, 2013

A cutepolish Design - Doodle Flowers

One of the things I love about the nail polish community is that you can try the different manicures you see and then you realize how doable those tutorials and techniques really are. I am not ashamed to share a manicure which I saw on someone's blog or YT tutorial; in fact, I have shared a number of them now. I am pretty sure you know who cutepolish is... If not, well, you should check her out! Here is a manicure I copied from her, I just loved it and I got many compliments on it:

Here is the original video tutorial:
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  1. Hi!I really tthink that you might be interested to submit your nail art tutorials here

  2. Wow, I love it, it is really cute. *-*
    I've got a blog, too. And I'll be very happy if you would have a look at this and if you could tell me your opinion about my designs.
    Yours, Lisa ♥


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