Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Review for KK CenterHK: Light Pink 2mm Circular Studs

Hello :)
I have an exciting post for you guys and girls. I meant to have it ready a couple of weeks ago but it turns out that my nails were dying- I am talking about extreme peeling, chipping and some other horrors that I will get to in a separate post.
KKCenterHK was kind enough to allow me to choose one item for review and I picked their light pink 2mm circular studs. -Thank you very much! (Please be ready to see MANY pictures)
I have seen many studded nails and I have read many reviews. However, here are my first impressions and some info (prior to using the studs):
  • The ~50 piece package is $4.73
  • The package arrived in good condition, very well protected with bubble wrap 
  • The studs are very shiny, lightweight and nicely pigmented
  • The backing is hollow, which turned out to be helpful
Here is the manicure I used to show of the studs:
Polishes: Jenna Hipp The Freshmaker (mint) and Damage Control (pink)
 I used the studs like I used any other 3D decoration. I used a non-fast drying top coat as glue and they held up perfectly. They lasted longer on my nails than the polish itself. As you see, I placed them on the nails with the minty green polish because they would create a nice contrast since the studs are light pink. I am impressed on how 3 tiny studs can completely change and improve a plain manicure.

I apologize for these awkward pictures, the purpose is for you to see how they were on my nail, I am not pointing at you, that's rude.

My final thoughts and recommendations:
  • The 2mm size is perfect for my narrow and curved nails, I am sure they can fit beautifully other nail shapes and lengths.
  • The studs are not bulky at all yet they give that three-dimensional feel which is quite nice.
  • The color does not bleed. However, if the topcoat protecting the stud undergoes friction, it is highly likely that the studs will show some wear.
  • They are easy to use, they are not heavy and they can accessorize any type of manicure.
  • I love them!
For being so kind and reading my entire post, here is a 10% off bonus courtesy of KKCenterHK for your next purchase:
* Product sent for honest-review consideration *

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