Thursday, December 20, 2012

Week 48: Feather Manicure

Hello there!
I apologize for dropping so suddenly in your blog list... Yes, it's me and I am back :)
I am so sorry for having been gone for so long. Let me do a short summary of what has been going on and why I hadn't blogged. My winter break started a week ago and prior to that I was stressed to the max because of finals. I had 2 finals for one same subject and I think I did not get any sleep during that week but I am glad it all paid off. Also, I was adjusting to a new schedule because I was chosen as a volunteer for a hospital and getting a spot there is not that easy. In the middle of my lack of sleep and new schedule, I was going through some rough emotional/sentimental turmoil... Everything settled and I am glad to be back, I hope you understand :)

I did these nails the week before finals and I think that they sort of look like peacock feathers. Here is what I used:
Base color: Zoya Zuza
Stamping plate and polish: BM212 and Maybelline Color Show Bold Gold
Dots: WnW fasdry Teal of Fortune, Kleancolor Metallic Fuchsia
brb ;)
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