Thursday, August 8, 2013

Flowers and Special Guest

Here kitty, kitty!
One thing I might have not mentioned before is that I am a huge animal lover. Canines, felines, rodents... You name it, I love it. This is Tarzan and here is a little story about him. One afternoon, he was just standing at my door waiting for someone to come out. My brother saw him and started feeding him chicken. He came in and let us pet him and then he took off. Next day, there he was again... We fed him and gave him some milk. He let us pet him again, came into the house and then he left. On a third occasion, same thing happened but this time his eye was almost bleeding. At this point we were sure he was a stray cat and I felt so bad for him; he looked miserable. We fed him again and he left. Two weeks after, my brother saw a cat that had been run over close to one block from our house. We thought it had been Tarzan. About three months after that, guess who showed up? It was Tarzan! This time, he had gained weight, his fur was healthy and shiny, his eyes looked bluer than ever... Just a beautiful cat. He came into the house and this time he did not want to eat or drink anything; he just wanted love.
Well, we didn't take him in because we found out that Tarzan's name is Blue and he is our neighbors' cat! Yup, right next door... Sneaky cat! We still call him Tarzan though and I am really happy he is not a stray cat :)
For my nails, yeah, this is a nail blog after all... I did a French manicure using OPI Fair Dinkum Pinkum as a base and OPI Cha-Ching Cherry for the tips. The details are just black and white acrylic paint.


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  1. so pretty and unique! Just discovered you and already LOVE YOU... :3

  2. so pretty! :) great manicucre!


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